I don’t have a lot of riding stories but I want to share my gears story. I wanted to buy a ridding jacket from a long time but couldn’t afford it. Then I met BikeWithGirl (Priyanka Kochar) in Ahmedabad meet up. She inspired me a lot and thus I started saving money to buy a riding jacket in my piggy bank. To save up I stopped shopping and going to movies in my college days. After 11 months of saving up, in February 2020, I bought a Rynox riding jacket level 2.

I hail from Valsad, Gujarat. I own a pulsar 220f and Hero Hunk. I rode on my hero hunk to college which is 280km away from my place. Halfway during the ride my oil pump stopped functioning and the engine broke down. I walked for few km in search of a mechanic but couldn’t find one. I then called my friend Anand who came to rescue me. This was one of my favorite riding experience.