Riding a motorcycle for me is sheer freedom. Hands on the accelerator and the clutch and your feet at the gear shifter and the breaks. That’s it! There is nothing between you and the road now. Fly wherever you want to.

I love long distance rides on my thunderbird 350 modified for comfortable touring. I love motocross and flat track racing too. Not a big supporter of riding in the fast lane but a big fan of touring. For me it’s never about the Destination. It’s always about the journey. It’s not about reaching there first but remembering each and every bit of the whole ride experience.
I ride with my group, the Jaipur Bikers and we go on one 300km+ ride every month. Sometimes out of nowhere we ride to the beautiful Sambhar lake at night and on other days we are on the Jaipur-Delhi highway riding 100+kms just for the breakfast. There is nothing special about the breakfast but the special thing is us riding at 6 in the morning amidst mountains, watching the morning sun rise. And like I told, it was never about the destination but always about the journey!