My love for riding started when I went along with a rider(cousin) as a pillion for a ride from Delhi to Sikkim, I was sixteen back then and I just completed my 10th board exam. It was a great opportunity for me but his co-riders were not at all happy with me joining them, post that ride I started feeling that I need to ride myself than being a pillion, and thus my riding journey began.My majority rides were in and around Maharashtra, as I believe one should know their home better, before they step out. When it comes to long distance, I have covered Mumbai-Kanyakumari (return via Goa), Mumbai-Delhi (return via Daman). My next planned ride is Mumbai-Jammu (return via Kasol). I don’t ride often due to my work commitments but I take out the time and ride as it helps me relieve stress. I don’t know about stories, but I believe every ride or journey has a meaning or a reason which makes one’s life peaceful easier and fruitful in their own way, in this busy chaotic world.