I believe that riding a motorcycle is an amazing lifestyle that needs to be celebrated once in a while. I own Classic 350 which I call ‘Happiness Chariot’. Riding turned out to be my passion. I do not have high ambitions, it’s just I love riding.

Though I have less riding experience, I have rode to few places in South India. Basically I ride all the time with my co-riders and hence have done very few solo rides. It’s been two times that I have taken part in Rider Mania, which was a wonderful experience.

I love Royal Enfield events. While exploring places, I have experienced many bike problems. But still I have some thrilling experience too. I would like to share one of it. It was then I rode to Goa along with my friends for the first time. First we rode to Bengaluru and took rest at Maduria. Next day we rode whole day and finally reached Goa. The road was very smooth and we enjoyed a lot. It was scary because we rode at night as well. Altogether it was the best experience!