People around Ranjith recognize him as a unique mind blogger; who loves exploring places. He was searching for hisprey to satisfy his curiosity for being a soulful person. And then finally dawned upon him his wish, his passion,  love, myuniqueness  RESY! He is his bestfriend!

Ranjith feels to ride a bike is to search within! He started feeling like a usual rider, crowing with helmet and moving around places like a king!! He says, “The people you meet, the places you see, the petty minor issues you face alone in unknown place and the happy faces that gives you thumbs up and smiles teaches you a huge lesson that can never be learnt in any top institutions.” The real you will definitely come across all odds when on a bike! So, according to him, his bike and his rider lifestyle is not a passion or a hobby, but a lifesaver, his energy booster, lifeline, ego extinguisher and his lifelong love!

According to him,

Life Lived Without Motorcycle is Life Half-lived