There was a time when I was afraid to ride 2 Wheeler, but things changed when I bought my first bike TVS APACHE RTR200 4V. Things were to slow when I started to learn. A month later I got a complete hold on my beast. It was all together an ultimate experience on road.

I started with solo trips exploring different locations and capturing the moments on my GoPro hero 8. Last month I joined a group called “Apache Phantom Mumbai” which has 50+ bikers in the group. I had a good experience while riding with the team. Recently we have been to official TVS Racing ride at ‘Manor’ sponsored by TVS APACHE OWNER GROUP, in which I had an amazing experience.

So far I can say one thing which is many more rides to come and many more places to explore. I’m ready with my bucket list and as a working person I can tell you that “your Jobs will fill your Pockets, but Adventures will fill your Soul.”