I started my riding career at the age of eighteen. My love for adventure starts with my first bike R15vS. Since it’s a sports BIKE, I faced some difficulties in touring but my passion to wander made me to overcome those silly issues. It took 2 years for me to complete entire Tamilnadu and some parts of Kerala in my R15. Though, I was doing my UG I didn’t earn a penny. So, I used to skip my lunch and breakfast to save money for travelling. At last I finally completed entire Tamilnadu and Kerala. Then I decided to do Leh Ladakh and convinced my mom for the same. I planned to upgrade my bike in terms of high cc. So, I choose Dominar 400. Then I started my journey to Leh on my 20th birthday with a plan of 17 days, where I planned a 7 days of return journey from Leh to Kanyakumari (North to South).Then, I completed my North to South within 7 days, exactly 6 days 11 hours 32 minutes. I feel I’m the youngest person to complete K2K in 7 days at the age of 20. I personally want to thank team Advento for selecting me for the record ride “Largest Kashmir to Kanyakumari expedition on motorcycle”. I personally thank each and everyone who took care of me in those days as it was my first ride. Now, I’m giving some endurance practices to all the youngsters, who want to achieve their goals.