Since 2013 I’ve owned a Yamaha Fazer and it’s been seven years on my bike and I can’t describe the connection I have with my bike. I ride my bike when I’m stressed or frustrated and this gives me joy. I began my first long journey from my native (Mimisal- TN55) to Chennai = 500kms, 5 years ago and this is how I started riding solo. I discovered new places every weekday.

I came across team Deltabox Chennai on Instagram and I joined it. They taught me more about riding. Since then I rode with 15 teams to different destinations but TDC holds a special place in my heart.

Every solo trip has been packed with many ups and downs, helping me create memories. I haven’t earned more money but by biking I’ve certainly earned lots of friendships. I want everyone to invest in buying good gears to keep them safe and to be able to travel smoothly.