My experience on a motorcycle began soon after joining my college, we used to go for nearby rides, roam around. My parents were against two wheelers so I had to save up enough money to buy a second hand bike. My very first bike was an NS200.I was very cautious from the beginning because buying a bike and riding was my own decision and if anything wrong happens will be my fault solely. After saving enough, I bought a DSG primal gloves which I still use even after 3 years. I couldn’t afford a proper riding jacket till I bought my second bike TVS APACHE RR310.The first ride I did with all the proper riding gears was from Kochi to Pathanamthitta and ride back home. It was very uncomfortable at the beginning, the jacket seemed to be a bit heavy and it was my first time using it for such long ride later with continuous use it became as comfortable as any other dress. I’ve had the pleasure to meet some amazing people and I have made some amazing friends and unforgettable memories since I started riding.Riding clears my mind of all problems; it gives me focus and a sense of freedom. Riding for me is an escape from problems and people and everything in between. I suggest and encourage people to ride but moreover I ask them to ride safe and properly. We’re all here to have some fun but it’s also our responsibility to not cause harm!