Last year I headed with my group #roaringridersvadodara to attend ‘Royal Enfield Rider Mania’ on 22-24 November. This was my longest 2500kms ride. It was an incredible and super thrilling experience! Roads and their turns were magnificent, and the cherry on top was the constant support of my group towards every individual.

I’ll certainly attend Rider Mania 2020. I’ve traveled to Ajmer making a round trip of 1700kms to Udaipur covering 800kms in a day , off-road experience to Junaraj, one-day ride to Mumbai and 900kms back and many more. I rode 250kms average daily with job profile for nearly 5 months on a regular basis.

Riding is something that acts like adrenaline. I enjoy riding my Thunderbird 350. I believe ‘Once a rider is always a rider’ and safety gears are a must.